I was born in Brazil and moved to California in 2004. Today I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. I am a mom of two lovely kids that inspires me every second of my days. I am very passionate about life and everything that brings happiness to it.

Keeping that passion alive, in 2015 I created Oh Happy Me as a platform to share my adventures and lessons in life with others. I think of my blog as a place to find inspiration about the many wonderful things life has to offer.

Oh happy me is about inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves. Here you will come across to the latest worlds of health, fitness, beauty and style. I strive to be a source of motivation and inspiration for you to feel amazing both in your sweat life and into your everyday life by providing amazing content your way.

I love exploring everything in my path. I believe passion can drive you to do unexpected and remarkable things. I had that drive and fire inside of me and wanted to somehow share it with others. We are together on a mission of being the best versions of ourselves!


❝Finding happiness within yourself is the key to living a good life.❞





 “Thank you for following along”